Entire was formed in 1985 to provide the design, supply and maintenance of all facets involved within the building services industry. Entire was established as an administrative company by the Directors and Shareholders of the Group Companies, ensuring a smooth operation between all companies trading under the Entire banner. The organisation was created to provide a fully coordinated service consisting of fire prevention, pipe fabrication, mechanical and electrical services within the construction industry. As the company originally began with the formation of Entire Fire Protection, it has grown and currently includes the following wholly owned and controlled companies –

  • Entire Fire Protection Pty Ltd

  • Entire Mechanical Services Pty Ltd

  • Entire Service and Maintenance Pty Ltd

  • Entire Engineering Pty Ltd

By combining the expertise of the Group Companies, in which all are controlled by the founding managing directors. Entire can accommodate single service options up to completely coordinated design and construct packages for all building servicing requirements. Within the Entire Group are design, estimating, engineering, maintenance and installation departments who employ experienced professionals. The ability to offer a complete in-house package means no on-site conflicts, no engineering clashes, improved project efficiencies and total accountability.

Upon project completion we continue to give ongoing support to our clients by providing a 24-hour emergency service department. We employ service engineers to ensure the best standards of maintenance and operate 365 days a year. Additional to our project delivery and consultancy teams, our contractors have been entrusted with and successfully completed a multitude of projects throughout our extensive portfolio.  The credibility of Entire is firmly established through our commitment to providing outstanding services measured on price, performance, reliability and quality.